Building safe, permanent carbon storage for tomorrow’s world.


Dallas, Texas-based Frontier Carbon Solutions was founded in 2021 to offer safe and permanent carbon storage services for industrial emitters across the Rocky Mountain Region. Specializing in the development of carbon capture infrastructure and carbon marketing, the Frontier team can provide a turnkey emissions solution for our customers.


Robby Rockey

Chief Operating Officer & President

Steven Lowenthal

Chief Commercial Officer

Alicia Summers

Engineering Director

Patrick Barley

Chairman & Advisor

Chris Storey


Aaron Hencke



Frontier Carbon Solutions, a portfolio company of Tailwater Capital, brings together a shared vision between the technical and financial teams of its partners. A true collaboration, we are committed to reducing the impact of carbon emissions at a time when combating climate change is a global focus and environmentally conscious solutions are poised for adoption.


CarbonCapture Inc. Announces Five Megaton Direct Air Capture and Storage Project in Wyoming

Project Bison to be the first massively scalable deployment of DAC in the U.S. and the first to use Class VI wells for permanent CO2 storage


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EXCLUSIVE New law helps U.S. firm launch Wyoming direct air carbon capture project

A Los Angeles-based company kicked off on Thursday what it said will be the first large-scale direct air capture (DAC) project to capture and store 5 million tons of carbon dioxide per year by 2030, benefiting from new U.S. government incentives.

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The Inflation Reduction Act Includes a Bonanza for the Carbon Capture Industry

The Inflation Reduction Act Includes a Bonanza for the Carbon Capture Industry

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